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The transition from high school to college is a thrilling milestone that brings new responsibilities. Dominican University is committed to helping students manage the complexities of college life. Here, students’ mental, physical, spiritual and academic health comes first. 

These are some ways we help our students thrive throughout their academic journey.

We listen to students 

Our First Year Seminar (FYS) course helps freshman find their fit. The curriculum covers vital subject matter: time management, college learning strategies, financial literacy and more. 

Each freshman is surveyed regularly, and a dedicated team assesses their responses to flag any potential challenges, providing targeted follow-up. Questions focus on mental and physical health, social fit on campus, and how well students’ needs are being met. Additionally, Faculty Stoplight Surveys, conducted mid-semester for new students, cue faculty members to share information that stands to aid students’ success. This way, no new student gets left behind.

We tailor care to each student’s needs

Only when students are physically and mentally healthy can they do their best work. The Student Care Network provides the resources that students need. 

Using each freshman’s survey feedback, our student care team tailors services to meet students’ needs. The network provides a range of supports and services including: help with basic needs (food, housing, and social service), technological assistance, financial advice, academic support, mental health assistance, physical health support and other services.

Students can also request assistance at any time by submitting a student request form. A team member from the Student Care Network directly connects the student with resources. The Care Network can also coordinate with a student’s faculty advisor and professors to coordinate a support plan.