All loans borrowed must be repaid.  Several repayment plans are available.  Below is a sample loan repayment schedule. 

  3.76% Fixed Interest Rate  
Balance at Repayment Number of Payments Estimated Payment Amount
$1,000 21 $50
$5,500 120 $55
$10,000 120 $100
$15,000 120 $150
$20,000 120 $201
$25,000 120 $251
$30,000 120 $301

The minimum monthly payment amount is $50 under the 10-year Standard Repayment Plan, but may be more depending on how much you borrow.

You may use the Loan Simulator to estimate payment amounts based on your actual loan debt. 

Repayment of Federal Student Loans: Avoiding Default

If you are a student borrower, you don’t have to begin repaying your Stafford loans until you leave school or are enrolled less than half time. Failure to repay your loans will result in them defaulting. This default will have a negative impact on your financial status and creditworthiness.

Please visit for additional information regarding repayment options.