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Each cohort will complete the following courses (all courses are 3 credit hours). View course descriptions.

Students take two courses from this list each semester (fall, spring, summer):

  • IM 940 Advanced Seminar: Data Management Theory
  • LIS 901 Advanced Seminar: Professional Issues
  • LIS 928 Teaching in the Academy
  • LIS 950 Advanced Seminar: Information Behavior
  • LIS 955 Advanced Seminar: Information Policy
  • LIS 962 Advanced Seminar: Literacy and Learning
  • LIS 964 Advanced Seminar: Writing in the Academy
  • LIS 965 Advanced Seminar: Information Systems Research Theory and Practice
  • LIS/IM 967 Quantitative Research Methods
  • LIS 968 Advanced Seminar: Global Perspectives on the Library and Information Science Profession
  • LIS 969 Advanced Research Methods
  • LIS 970 Dissertation Preparation
  • LIS 971 Qualitative Research Methods
  • LIS 990 Advanced Independent Study in Library and Information Science

Upon completion of coursework, passing a qualifying field examination, and approval of a dissertation proposal, PhD students proceed to dissertation work:

  • LIS 999 Dissertation (6 hours each semester during the third year: fall, spring, and summer)