The Summer Gifted and Talented Program provides meaningful academic and social enrichment to highly motivated students entering grades 2–8 in the Fall.

The Summer Gifted and Talented Program at Dominican University is thrilled to host another fantastic summer this 2020. Please see below for our official dates and Early Registration materials. We look forward to your applications!

Fostering the love of learning, the Summer Gifted and Talented Program at Dominican University provides meaningful academic and social enrichment to its entire community of exceptional learners, and is intended for motivated students entering grades 2-8 in the Fall. Summer Gifted at Dominican is a powerful experience for academically gifted and talented students, exposing them to like-minded peers and lifelong friendships, challenging learning experiences, and an opportunity to blossom as confident lifelong learners and leaders in a tightly knit, safe and supportive environment. For so many of us, Summer Gifted at Dominican is the highlight of the year!

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Save the Date!

The Summer Gifted and Talented Program at Dominican University is thrilled to host another fantastic summer on campus on the following dates for Summer 2020:


Week 1: June 15-19

Week 2: June 22-26

Week 3: July 6-10

Week 4: July 13-17

About our Programs

Students choose (1) one-week course at a time, for up to 4 weeks, selecting course(s) that reflect(s) their demonstrated academic strength across math, science, writing/humanities and fine/performing arts. Class size is limited to 20 students or less, and instruction is rooted in discovery-based learning, differentiated curriculum and assessments, flexible grouping, hands-on activities, real-world connections and individual student evaluations. Teaching assistants are assigned as needed for additional classroom leadership, supervision, management and instruction as teachers in training.

Program Features
  • Daily outdoor (weather permitting) recess and physical education
  • Cold drinks and healthy fruit option (students bring their own non-perishable sack lunches)
  • Fruit-based popsicle treats every Friday
  • Early Morning Drop-Off and Extended Day Program options
  • Carpool lists available and families encouraged to carpool
How to Apply

Students may qualify for acceptance in one of two ways:

Test Scores. Students demonstrating nationally normed standardized test score(s) in the 95th percentile or above in the applied subject area are pre-qualified for enrollment, pending prerequisites or course availability.

Admission Portfolio. Students without qualifying scores may submit 1-2 teacher recommendation forms and a current report card for consideration. Sample portfolios of student work are accepted as additional supplements for review.

Forms and Information

Course Descriptions - under construction/subject to change during Early Registration

Early Registration Form                              

NEW! Online Pre-Registration Form

Teacher Recommendation Form                

NEW! Online Teacher Recommendation Form

Financial Aid Form - due May 15, 2020


Program Runner Application Form - under construction

Interested in joining our teaching talent? Submit your Teaching Demo and apply now!

Learn More

Contact Program Director Janie Wu or CASS Administrative Assistant Ariana Jenkins at (708) 524-6399 for information.