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The PhD comprises a core set of four research courses, three foundational courses, content courses from particular professions/disciplines and culminates in a dissertation.

Required Courses (36 hours, all courses are three credits)
Required Research Sequence*
  • CASS 9XX Research Foundations and Literacy for Social Justice
  • CASS 9XX Quantitative Methods
  • CASS 9XX Qualitative Methods
  • CASS 9XX Research Design, Program Evaluation, and Scholarly Writing
  • CASS 9XX Independent Study in Social Justice Research**
Required Content Courses
  • CASS 9XX Critical Race Theory
  • CASS 9XX Social Change and Leadership
  • CASS 9XX Special Topics (could include Immigration and Social Justice, Socially Engaged Spirituality, Mindfulness and Change, The Practice of Nonviolent Action, Social Engagement for Peace and Justice, Transformative Justice, International Conflict and Peacebuilding, Grassroots Activism and Advocacy, etc.)
Additional Courses: maximum 15 credits

Students from different professions can utilize existing CASS graduate programming as content courses for the PhD. For example, students can enroll in courses from the following programs:

  • An Endorsement Program in the School of Education
  • A Certificate Program in the School of Information Studies
  • A Certificate/Track in the School of Social Work
  • Conflict Resolution Certificate
  • Trauma-Informed Leadership Certificate
Dissertation Hours (6+)
  • CASS 9XX Applied Social Justice Dissertation

*Students may request to have up to six credits of prior graduate work count towards the degree requirements. These requests will be reviewed by faculty and require faculty recommendation and dean approval.

**Students may pursue an independent study, including and especially practicums/internships to count towards the total hours for the degree, but not as a substitute for the required research courses.