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The professional writing minor seeks to develop undergraduates’ professional writing skills to enhance their career prospects; connect writing to their vocational exploration and goals; and apply reading, writing, and critical and creative thinking skills to real-world contexts and situations.

The minor builds upon the reading, writing, and critical and creative thinking skills developed in the foundations and core curriculum. The minor can be added to any major in order to enhance writing skills in relation to a variety of careers and professional contexts. Professions and employers desire the “soft skills” of writing and communication, and these skills may lead to improved job performance and opportunities.

The required classes for the minor develop skills in studying and composing a variety of genres of professional writing in print, multimedia, and digital formats; drafting, revising, giving/receiving feedback, and editing; analyzing the rhetorical situation, audience, and purpose of texts/documents; discussing how students’ writing skills connect to jobs and careers; and analyzing how writing and work impact and can improve society and communities.