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Dominican University is one of the first School of Social Work programs in the nation to offer a globally focused, relationship-centered concentration in its Master of Social Work program.  

The purpose of the 10-week international field placement is to provide students with an opportunity to experience social work practice in a different national and cultural context thus increasing their skills in critically reflexive, anti-oppressive, and human rights practice. The international field placement is intended to increase a student's knowledge and understanding of how service users are impacted by local and global events providing real world, hands-on training that addresses social needs in collaboration with service users and communities. Below are examples of where students have gone in the past; however, faculty will work with students directly to secure an international field placement. 

Aguascalientes, Mexico 

Universidad Autonoma de Aguascalientes 

Urban and Rural project 

Capetown, South Africa 

Feedback Food Redistribution 

James House 

Pretoria, South Africa  

Mohau Center 

Future Families 

Milagro, Ecuador  

Universidad Estatal de Milagro  

West Bengal, India  

Amar Kutir Society for Rural Development  

Elmhirst Institute of Community Studies 

Cisarua, Indonesia 

The Cisarua Learning Center