Dominican University, with its century-long tradition of distinction in information sciences, now offers a groundbreaking program in a rapidly growing field. Dominican’s undergraduate program in informatics is the first of its kind in the Chicago area and will put you at the leading edge of this emerging field. Breakthroughs in technology are giving people access to unprecedented amounts of information, creating the need for skilled professionals who can manage that information and put it to work for the common good.

Five Reasons to Study Informatics at Dominican
  • You’ll develop the big data skills in high demand today
  • You’ll open doors to rewarding careers in health care, information technology, business, finance and many other industries
  • You’ll draw on Dominican’s century-long tradition of distinction in information sciences
  • You’ll be part of one of today’s fastest-growing, most relevant and most exciting fields
  • You’ll be ready to make meaningful contributions to society through information and technology
Program Highlights
  • Dominican offers both a major and a minor in informatics. All students complete the university’s core curriculum requirements through the Rosary College of Arts and Sciences.
  • Dominican’s informatics program offers specialties like cybersecurity, health informatics, organizational informatics and community informatics.
  • You’ll learn in a flexible, hybrid course format—combining the personal interaction and attention of small classes with the ease of access and rapid response of online learning.
What You'll Learn
  • To think critically about the ways people use and access technology.
  • To communicate to a general audience issues related to information technology.
  • To explain how ethical problems, legal documents, policy constructions, and social issues interact with and reflect the nature of information technology.
  • To manage projects: people, timelines, resources, goals and outcomes.
  • To work collaboratively in teams to accomplish goals.
  • You’ll develop socio-technical expertise and an advanced technical skill set in specific informatics contexts, and you’ll acquire the big data skills in high demand today.
The Dominican Difference

Access to information is a human right. It is essential to full participation in democracy. Dominican’s program in informatics goes beyond the technical to spotlight human concerns. You’ll gain not only skills but also a grasp of ethical considerations and an understanding of the needs of individuals. Dominican’s unique focus is based on our institutional mission of creating a more just and humane world. It gives our students a distinctive and crucial professional edge as they prepare for technology-related careers.

Career Opportunities

There may be no more promising career path for creative, technically skilled problem-solvers than the rapidly growing field of informatics. In our fast-changing technological environment, those prepared to manage information with a focus on user needs are in high demand. When you study informatics at Dominican, you will be ready for exciting work in positions such as:

  • Data analyst
  • Digital optimization analyst
  • Desktop support engineer
  • Business development analyst
  • Clinical informatics specialist
  • Medical informatics researcher
  • Clinical research associate
  • Project manager
  • Information architect
  • Front-end developer

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that information-related jobs such as computer network architects and information systems managers are projected to grow “faster than average” over the next ten years. Jobs in information security are projected to grow “much faster than average.” Your informatics adviser and Dominican’s career-preparation professionals will help you find the right path for you.

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