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Students pursuing the educational studies major will learn about current educational systems today (accountability, choice, charters, high-stakes testing, educational disparities, etc.) and their relationships to other social systems. Through this major, students will gain a broad and comprehensive understanding of the educational landscape around them. Students pursuing the major may select from a variety of courses that may focus on a particular interest or may sample across aspects of the curriculum. Specific areas of interest that are reflected in the course offerings include, but are not limited to: special education, literacy and language, curriculum and teaching strategies, educational research, and educational topics.

The educational studies major consists of the satisfactory completion of 36 credit hours in courses identified for the program. The major is created with a sequence of coursework that includes foundational courses as well as elective courses, including opportunities for hands-on learning experiences in educational settings. Note: The educational studies major does not lead to teacher licensure.

Course Offerings

A series of foundational courses are required for all students interested in pursuing the educational studies major. Students choose six additional courses from the menu of electives. There are courses that focus primarily on the social foundations of education, some of which include a “promising practices” component, which affords students the opportunity to experience hands-on learning opportunities in partnering schools and other educational settings. There are also courses that focus primarily on understanding educational practice. The common theme of learning about educational systems today is embedded in all of the core coursework.