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If your intellectual dream is to follow the Catholic Dominican tradition of integrating mind and heart in the study of God in relation to the world, consider a major in the Department of Theology.

Major and Minor


The theology discipline offers courses designed for and available to all students, as well as courses that serve major and minor programs in theology. In keeping with the heritage and character of the university, courses and programs in this discipline emphasize the Christian, especially Catholic, tradition in conversation with other theological, religious and cultural traditions. Students majors in theology also have the option of concentrating in pastoral ministry.

Majors who choose the pastoral ministry concentration study the great theological questions and apply what they learn to serve others as lay leaders in the Church’s various ministries, or bring their pastoral skills to other settings.

Our coordinated 3+1 program with Catholic Theological Union (CTU) allows you to earn—at an accelerated pace—both a B.A. at Dominican and a M.A. in Hispanic Theology and Ministry at CTU. The program offers two paths to the combined degree.

Students in Dominican’s Department of Theology have access to outstanding campus resources, including the St. Catherine of Siena Center, which brings faith and scholarship to the critical issues of church and society, the Albertus Magnus Society, which explores the intersection of religious belief and scientific insight and University Ministry, with its multiple programs of outreach and service.

"Choosing theology as one of my majors has changed my life. One of the most humbling things I learned is that the more knowledge you pursue, the more you realize how little you know. Exploring various areas of theology—from the Gospels to dogmas and their related historical and philosophical aspects—has given new meaning to my faith and permeated my life."

–Anna Walenski ’11