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If learning how and why the physical world works is your passion, a major in the Department of Physical Sciences is the perfect path to a great career. Scientists are needed to contribute to the fields of health care, pharmaceutical research, engineering, environmental analysis and education. 

A major in biology-chemistry, chemistry, environmental science, or natural science will prepare you for an entry-level professional science, laboratory, teaching, and government jobs. You will also be on track to apply for graduate education in one of the science disciplines such as chemistry, biochemistry or environmental science. Professional programs in health science such as medicine, physician assistant, dentistry, pharmacy, and chiropractic care also accept undergraduate degrees in the physical science disciplines. 

Courses taught by the physical sciences faculty will provide you with a solid foundation in chemistry, physics, geology and other physical science disciplines that support the physics minor, chemistry minor, biology major, neuroscience major, engineering majors, nutrition and dietetics major, pre-pharmacy program, pre-nursing program, and Dominican's Post-Baccalaureate Premedical program. 







Opportunities for student employment and extensive laboratory experience will add depth to your physical science department major. You will also want to take advantage of independent research and internship opportunities offered through the department.