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Are you interested in nutrition and food? Would you like to know more about how daily food choices and nutrition affect overall health? Studying nutrition or dietetics at Dominican University will teach you how to help solve some of the world’s most challenging nutritional and health issues.

Dominican’s programs in nutrition science and dietetics prepare students for a wide range of rewarding careers. Students gain a strong foundation in the physical, biological and social sciences, and come to understand the social and psychological dimensions of human nutrition.

Mission Statement

As a department housed in the Borra College of Health Sciences, the Department of Nutrition Sciences strives to produce graduates who can think critically, communicate well and achieve depth of knowledge in nutrition sciences. In keeping with the goals of Dominican University and the Sinsinawa Dominicans’ dedication to values-centered intellectual development, the program will provide foundational knowledge in dietetics, science and liberal arts. We strive to provide a stimulating learning environment that will enrich diversity and prepare students for post-graduate experiences, advanced degree programs, and entry-level employment in dietetics-related fields.

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