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Career paths in computer-related fields include classic jobs like programming, as well as jobs no one even imagined 15 or 20 years ago. Some career options for computer information systems graduates are:

  • Computer programmers
  • Computer systems analysts
  • Computer support specialists
  • Computer security specialists
  • Database developers
  • Systems administrator
  • Web developers
  • Business intelligence analysts/developers
  • Analyst software developers
  • Software testers

Some computer information systems graduates continue on to graduate school for advanced degrees. Many more do so after several years in the workforce, often choosing to pursue an MBA degree.

Students who don’t want to wait to earn their MBA should consider Dominican’s 5-year BS/MBA program. Qualified students may begin graduate-level work in Dominican’s Brennan School of Business while they are still undergraduates. This option reduces the time needed to earn the MBA degree.

Students take the required foundation courses as electives in the undergraduate program. They take one graduate course during each semester of their senior year and then the remaining courses the following year.