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Imagine entering law school at the start of your senior year! Our 3+3 Accelerated Law Program with The University of Illinois Chicago School of Law enables you to do just that. It prepares you for the practice of law as efficiently and economically as possible.

The fast track to both an undergraduate and a law degree

This distinctive academic program allows you to obtain a bachelor’s degree and a law degree in just six years, instead of the usual seven years. You’ll save significant time and tuition dollars while drawing efficiently on the combined strengths of two well-regarded institutions. Your pre-law advisor will work closely with you to develop a curriculum that meets all your program requirements in a cost-effective way. You’ll apply to the UIC School of Law in your junior year. If admitted, you’ll fulfill the academic requirements of your senior year at Dominican by successfully completing the demanding courses of your first year of law school.

About the UIC School of Law

The UIC School of Law has a long tradition of making a transforming difference in the lives of aspiring students and in the quality and diversity of the legal profession in Chicago and beyond. Its robust curriculum will give you the skills, knowledge and experience you’ll need to change lives for the better through the successful, values-based practice of law. UIC School of Law’s programs in practical training, legal writing and trial advocacy are ranked among the best in the Midwest by U.S. News and World Report, and PreLaw Magazine names the law school as a national leader in advancing the diversity of the legal profession. The UIC School of Law has excellent facilities in Chicago’s Loop

How the Program Works

To qualify, you should:

  • Complete all your Dominican Core Curriculum courses by the end of your junior year.
  • Complete all of your major courses. Some first-year courses at the UIC School of Law may qualify toward your major; your academic advisor can help you identify those.
  • Complete 94 credit hours at Dominican with a GPA of 3.4 or higher. If you are admitted to the UIC School of Law, the first 30 credit hours that you earn at the law school will complete your Dominican degree.
  • Take the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT) early in your junior year. (Successful scores for admission to the UIC School of Law vary from year to year; the median score hovers around 153.)
  • Apply to the UIC School of Law in your junior year. A complete application includes a transcript, personal statement, LSAT score, letters of recommendation, and other materials requested by the law school. Dominican students are not guaranteed admission to the UIC School of Law, but a strong application from Dominican enjoys a competitive advantage.

Visit the UIC School of Law for more information on admission.

The UIC School of Law seeks students who have followed a rigorous program teaching the essential skills of careful reading, effective writing, and logical and incisive reasoning. If you intend to apply to the UIC School of Law, you may major in any subject.

Gabriel Neri

Dominican University Graduate

“Dominican enabled me to follow my passions. I researched the phenomenon of ‘food apartheid’ in America, which limits the availability of decent nutrition on grounds of race, income and geographic area. You learn a lot through these independent research projects. You go deep.”

A close collaboration with your pre-law advisor

During your three years of study at Dominican, you’ll work side-by-side with a faculty advisor who will help you identify, refine and pursue your professional goals. You’ll refine your plan regularly in ongoing conversations with your advisor and with additional expert, caring faculty who understand what it takes to succeed in law school and in the legal profession. Your advisor will help you design a personal academic plan, will guide you through the law school application process, and will connect you with all the people, resources and experiences you need to make your dreams a reality

Purposeful learning for a life of achievement

Lawyers need to be able to think critically, write and speak clearly and persuasively, research and analyze complex issues and understand the social and historical context of events. The Dominican experience is designed to build those skills. As a pre-law student, you may major in any subject. We encourage you to follow your passions and academic interests. Your pre-law advisor will help you select appropriate courses from across the curriculum, such as constitutional law, environmental law, business law, philosophy, and law and society. Your advisor also will help you to identify internships, study abroad experiences and other ways to learn—and put your learning into practice in the real world.

Berto Aguayo

Dominican University Graduate

“Dominican has a special spirit. Everybody’s a go-getter. You never have to pretend to be something you aren’t, because you’re always working to be better than you are. It made me proud to be a Dominican student.”