This dual-degree program enables you to earn both a bachelor’s degree and a Master of Social Work in just five years. You’ll save time and tuition dollars—and prepare for immediate service in a rewarding and growing profession.

First-rate preparation on the fast track

The program is ideal for majors in psychology, sociology, criminology or human services who are seriously planning to pursue careers in social work. It enables you to earn your master’s degree—an indispensable professional credential—as efficiently and affordably as possible. The powerful curriculum cuts across academic disciplines to give you maximum career flexibility, opportunities for specialization and a real competitive advantage as you enter the workforce. You can tailor the program to meet your goals by focusing on one of four in-demand areas of specialization: child welfare, school social work, gerontology, or working with the military and their families. Accelerated BA/MSW Program Flyer (pdf)

How the program works
  • Interested students should major in psychology, sociology, criminology or human services.
  • You’ll apply for admission to the dual-degree program in the second semester of your sophomore year. Your graduate admission representative will guide you through the process.
  • Once you’re accepted into the five-year program, you’ll plan a course study in collaboration with both your undergraduate academic advisor and faculty advisors from the School of Social Work.
  • You’ll also meet with School of Social Work’s field placement staff to plan the internship that you’ll complete during your senior year.
  • You’ll be formally admitted to the MSW program when you meet all admission requirements in your senior year.

Sociology/criminology Majors Plan of Study (pdf)
Psychology Majors Plan of Study (pdf)
Five-Year BA/MSW Eligibility Form (pdf)

Upon admission to the School of Social Work, sociology, criminology or psychology students with a 3.25 GPA can apply for The Dean’s Scholarship or a Graduate Research Assistantship.

More ways to learn, on campus and beyond

Practical experience is built into the curriculum. You won’t just learn about social work—you’ll experience the profession first-hand in meaningful ways. Two hands-on field placements will enable you to integrate the academic knowledge, professional values and practical skills you’ll need for successful service to others. The graduate program’s international field placements will give you the option to work for 10 weeks in Ecuador, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Ireland, Mexico, South Africa and elsewhere. This program’s international emphasis pushes the boundaries of what graduate studies in social work can be.

Next Steps
  • Complete a graduate application for the Bachelor of Arts/MSW program option (psychology or sociology and criminology) and submit a Declaration of Interest form in fall of your sophomore year.
  • Meet with undergraduate and graduate advisors to ensure you’ll meet the coursework and academic requirements for admission to the MSW program.
  • Meet all admission requirements for the MSW. Admission is not guaranteed.
  • Read more about admission requirements and the application process.
Emily Lapinski ‘17, MSW ‘18

School of Social Work Graduate

“This is an awesome accelerated program. I found that my psychology major really worked will with the graduate courses I took while still an undergraduate. The professors understood that I had taken on a lot and were always available with help and guidance. It was a great experience.”

Prepare to thrive in a rising and important field

This program will place you on the fast-track toward a highly promising career. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of jobs in social work is expected to grow by 12% over the next seven years. What’s more, Dominican’s MSW program has an outstanding record of placing new graduates in great jobs. In any given year, it’s common for 100% of our graduates to be employed in their field within nine months of graduation. As a Dominican graduate, you’ll join a proud, supportive network of nearly 900 social work professionals who are serving others and creating positive change in the Chicago area and beyond.

Jennifer Morales

School of Social Work Graduate Student

“The professors at Dominican are invested in your success. They really take the time to get to know you and guide you down your chosen professional path. They support and challenge you to be your very best.”

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