Students with disabilities are encouraged to come to the Academic Enrichment Center (AEC) to work with the Disability Support Services Coordinator to identify reasonable accommodations. A number of assistive technologies, ie; Dragon Naturally Speaking (Voice Recognition Technology), Kurzweil (Reading and Writing Assistance Equipment) are available as well.

Initial inquiries about receiving access and disability accommodations should begin with the Disability Support Services Office.

For more information about services and policies, please visit the Disability Support Services page on MyDU.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

In response to the rapidly changing developments related to (COVID-19), the Disability Support Services Access and Accommodations office is operating remotely and can assist students and faculty with alternate instruction needs by emailing us at We will respond promptly. You may also contact Danielle Bank or Mari Callahan-Ross directly.

Access and Disability Accommodations Documentation 

The Disability Support Services (DSS) Office recommends that all students provide documentation that can either verify a diagnosis and/or enhance the information available when assessing each situation. While documentation is recommended, DSS recognizes that barriers exist and can create hardship for students with regard to having and presenting documentation, thus the DSS office encourages students to meet with the Disability Support Services Professional Staff without the need for documentation in hand at the time of the first conversation. Determinations on individual documentation needs will be made during the initial meeting with the student.

To learn more about Disability Support Services (DSS) or to request access or disability accommodations, please contact:

Disability Support Services

Danielle Bank
Disability Support Services Coordinator
Access and Disability Accommodations
Parmer Hall, 010I
(708) 524-5940
Mari Callahan-Ross
LD Specialist
Parmer Hall 010J
(708) 488-5177