Students who have documented their disabilities through the Office of the Dean of Students will be able to come to the Academic Enrichment Center (AEC) to work with learning disability specialists and a number of assistive technologies, including Draft Builder (for Writing Assistance), Dragon Naturally Speaking (Voice Recognition Technology), Kurzweil (Reading and Writing Assistance Equipment) and Inspiration Graphic Organizer. Initial inquiries about receiving learning accommodations, however, should begin with the Dean of Students.

For more information about services and policies, please visit Disability Support Services.

Special Needs Documentation Process

Students seeking support services under the ADA must have adequate documentation on file in the Dean of Students' office in a timely manner before accommodations can begin, preferably soon after admission. Students should not assume that this disability information is known to the Dean of Students merely because the student's application indicated the presence of a disability, or another office such as Residence Life or the Wellness Center was notified. Although documentation can be from a variety of sources, it must be from a competent credentialed authority who can address the functional limitations due to the disability and its impact in an academic setting. The law stipulates that in the post-secondary setting, a student does not qualify for services until they have registered with the disability office and have been certified for eligibility. Retroactive accommodations are not made.

To learn more about Disability Support Services (DDS) or to register for accommodations, please contact:

Judy Paulus
Disability Support Services Coordinator
(708) 524-6822
Lewis Hall, Room 132

DSS Office Hours
8:00 a.m.–6:00 p.m.

Mari Callahan-Ross
LD Specialist
10:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.