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September 24, 2019 will mark the 10th annual Caritas Veritas Symposium. This annual event has become a treasured tradition at Dominican University wherein all members of the University community – from all disciplines and every college spanning the humanities, social sciences, STEM and the professions – come together to ponder and discuss the distinguishing values of this institution, captured in our motto: Caritas Veritas.   

On this special anniversary year, we take our theme from some recent remarks of graduating senior Jaqueline Romo ’19. As Jacky reflected upon her Dominican journey before an assembly of local justice advocates she said, “I am not just a dreamer.  I am also a doer.” Her vision, conviction and achievement cause us to invite all to consider Dreaming, Doing, and Discovering as descriptors of the Dominican mission. We ask:

  • What are you discovering in your pursuit of truth?
  • What does love lead you to do in the world?
  • In your scholarship or professional development, what has been the role of failure on the road from dreaming to doing?
  • In what ways have your dreams and experiences shaped your discoveries?

All members of the Dominican University community are invited to reflect on these questions from the perspective of their lives as students and educators, within their disciplines and professions.