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The Caritas Veritas Symposium is a treasured annual tradition at Dominican University. For one day during the fall semester, the entire university comes together to explore the meaning of our mission and motto through formal papers, panel presentations and interactive workshops. 

During the day, the regular class schedule is suspended so that students, faculty and staff can give presentations or attend other presentations.

Visit the Caritas Veritas Symposia Archives to learn more about past events.

Call for Proposals

Proposals accepted through June 15, 2024

This year’s Caritas Veritas Symposium explores our collective stories and how we create communities of belonging and peace. We explore our community partnerships as places where we co-create a more just and humane world. Together, we will consider the ways in which we can study, articulate and share the way we are invited to weave narratives of justice.

We invite scholarly, creative and artistic expression of the ways we engage one another in the pursuit of truth and collective wisdom. How we understand and interact with our interdependent world and experience truth in our relationships might lead us to greater reverence and care for one another. Learn more