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(Photo: Caleb Navarro during his freshman year at Dominican University in 2014).


Dr. Caleb Navarro ’18 is featured in an interview with OneGoal, an organization that works with high schools to provide students with college and career planning services.

Navarro, who was a bio-chemistry major at Dominican University, recently earned his Doctor of Pharmacy degree from Roosevelt University and plans to complete a post-graduate residency at the University of Chicago Medical Center.

Navarro became involved in OneGoal while a sophomore at Prosser Career Academy in Chicago at the encouragement of his former algebra teacher. Acknowledging his initial lack of interest in school, Navarro credited the program with providing the tools, resources and push he needed to succeed and receive his bachelor’s degree.

In a 2014 interview with Dominican University, Navarro said he wasn’t sure he would have even made it to Dominican without OneGoal, which was co-founded by Dominican alum Jeff Nelson.

“They helped me increase my GPA, helped me choose better classes that would suit me and showed my academic potential,” Navarro said of OneGoal in 2014. “They helped me raise my ACT score dramatically, helped me in the college application process and made me more prepared.”

Navarro was even mentioned in a speech by then-President Barack Obama during a college opportunity summit. The president noted that key interventions during Navarro’s schooling aided him in being on track to earn a college degree.

“Don’t try to compare yourself to anyone but yourself and you will see just how far you’ve actually grown,” Navarro told OneGoal in his June interview. “As long as you can continue pushing yourself and making the most of every opportunity given, you can truly forge yourself into whoever you want to be.”

Read Navarro’s OneGoal interview here.