Chicago Catholic profiled Dominican President Glena Temple, one week into her tenure on campus. When asked why she considered leaving Viterbo University, where she had been for 20 years, including a stint as president, Temple indicated thar, while she was not actively looking for another job, Dominican was attractive as a role model for best practices in serving the needs of a diverse student body.

"I was moved by the mission of Dominican and the story of the Sinsinawa Sisters and their commitment to education, to historically educating the immigrant population and meeting the educational needs of the regions that they served. I want to be part of that. I really believe in the transformational power of Catholic higher education. The holistic approach, to not just the curricular but how we support students. Dominican seems to have all of those pieces," she said in the article.

A former biology professor, Temple believes that her academic career relates to working with the complexities of educational institutions. 

"When we study biology, it's a complex system and things are overlapping and interrelated and you don't always understand all the impacts of how these systems interact with one another, and I think that is true of higher education...You always have to appreciate the beauty and the magic of these overlapping systems for the outcomes they are trying to create."

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