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Spanish translations of portions of Dominican University’s website are now available in order to better serve the Spanish-speaking parents and family members of prospective students.

Information now provided in Spanish includes admission and applications, financial aid, resources for parents and guardians, and support services for students. These pages can be viewed at

The aim is to communicate important information to families whose primary language of comfort is Spanish, explained David Rivera, executive director of enrollment systems and operations.

“We are all well aware of our role as a Hispanic Serving Institution and with it comes a responsibility to adequately serve that student population and their family members,” Rivera said. “Though it would be very challenging to fully translate a site the size of, institutional leadership felt it was important to provide Spanish-language resources for prospective students and families who may feel more comfortable reading in Spanish. The college search and application process is daunting for everyone, but it can be even more difficult for students who are first-generation college attendees and for their families, particularly if they’re trying to digest the complexities of higher education processes in a language of secondary comfort.

“Providing translated information from the most important pages of our website is an important piece of serving a large number of our students," he added.

Rivera noted that family support is key in order for many students to succeed in college and that begins with their involvement in the college selection process.

“Providing information to Spanish-speaking families about the wealth of opportunities, programs, and resources available to students at DU can help prospective students in selecting DU and current students in succeeding while at Dominican,” Rivera said.