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PhD, Mathematics, University of Notre Dame
MS, Mathematics, University of Notre Dame
BS, Mathematics, Loyola University Chicago
Selected Publications
Describing free groups (Trans. Amer. Math. Soc., 2012)
The computable embedding problem (Algebra and Logic, 2012)
Classes of Ulm type and coding rank-homogeneous trees in other structures (Journal of Symbolic Logic, 2011)
Intrinsic bounds on complexity at limit levels (Journal of Symbolic Logic, 2009)
Computable embeddings and strongly minimal theories (Journal of Symbolic Logic, 2007)
Turing computable embeddings (Journal of Symbolic Logic, 2007)
Selected Presentations
Relativized turing computable embeddings, Computability in Europe / Podium, 2010
Index sets and scott sentences, Computability in Europe / Podium, 2009
Rank-homgeneous trees turing computable embeddings, American Mathematical Society Eastern Sectional Meeting / Podium, 2008
Turing computable embeddings into equivalence structures, University of Waterloo Logic Seminar / PaperI, 2007
Turing computable embeddings, Computable Models and Numberings Workshop / Podium, 2007


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