PhD, Mathematics, University of Notre Dame 
MS, Mathematics, University of Notre Dame 
BS, Mathematics, Loyola University Chicago
Selected Publications 

"Describing free groups" - J. Carson-V.S. Harizanov-J.F. Knight-K. Lange-C. McCoy - Trans. Amer. Math. Soc. - 2012

"The computable embedding problem" - J. Carson-E. Fokina-V.S. Harizanov-J.F. Knight-S. Quinn - Algebra and Logic - 2012

"Classes of Ulm type and coding rank-homogeneous trees in other structures" - E. Fokina-J.F. Knight-A. Melnikov-S. Quinn-C. Safranski - Journal of Symbolic Logic - 2011

"Intrinsic bounds on complexity at limit levels" - J. Chisholm-E. Fokina-S.S. Goncharov-V.S. Harizanov-J.F. Knight - Journal of Symbolic Logic - 2009

"Computable embeddings and strongly minimal theories" - J. Chisholm-J.F. Knight-S. Quinn (nee Miller) - Journal of Symbolic Logic - 2007

"Turing computable embeddings" - J.F. Knight-S. Quinn (nee Miller)-M. Vanden Boom - Journal of Symbolic Logic - 2007

Selected Presentations 
Relativized turing computable embeddings, Computability in Europe / Podium, 2010
Index sets and scott sentences, Computability in Europe / Podium, 2009
Rank-homgeneous trees turing computable embeddings, American Mathematical Society Eastern Sectional Meeting / Podium, 2008
Turing computable embeddings into equivalence structures, University of Waterloo Logic Seminar / PaperI, 2007
Turing computable embeddings, Computable Models and Numberings Workshop / Podium, 2007


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