A new position allows Dean Curci to advance the University’s international efforts.

This summer marks an exciting time as I take on a new role, in addition to that of Dean of the Brennan School of Business: Vice Provost for Strategic Initiatives and External Relations.

I’m very enthusiastic about taking on this position, as it will allow me to help the University advance its strategic priorities and the institutional agenda in a deeper capacity. One facet of this role includes the opportunity to oversee and advance the University’s Office of Global Learning agenda.

Advocating for international advancements is energizing to me. Across the past year, I’ve worked with a special committee on internationalization strategy development to create a plan that will guide us through a strategic and sustainable pathway to the future. This spring, we finalized the strategic plan, developing recommendations and an implementation timeline. Our goals include but aren’t limited to increasing the number of international students enrolled at the University, assessing the impact of our global learning initiatives, and securing more external funding.

Recently, the Brennan School of Business secured a grant through the Elizabeth Morse Charitable Trust, which will help us expand our internationalization efforts from Latin America into Asia and Europe. The grant provides multi-year funding for the Center for Global Peace through Commerce to connect our students with Chicago’s small and medium-sized enterprises, positioning the Brennan School for success in the global business environment.

The grant will fund the establishment of student exchange and study abroad programs, support collaborative partnerships with organizations, provide immersive international experiences to Brennan students, and support the internationalization efforts of small and medium enterprises in Chicago. With this grant, we’ll have the chance to capitalize on our prime location in Chicagoland to foster global business connections for our students and community. I look forward to working with you to guide the development and growth of the University’s international efforts, and to sharing those advancements with you in future communications.

Roberto Curci