April 3, 2019

Fanny Y. Lopez-Benitez ’11, Title V project manager and adjunct professor at Dominican University, was elected a trustee for the Village of Hanover Park. Fanny is the first formerly undocumented Mexican immigrant woman to serve as a trustee for the village and, at age 29, the youngest woman to be elected. 

Fanny was part of the “Together for Hanover Park” slate with fellow Dominican graduate Roberto Sepulveda MBA ’10. In its endorsement, the Daily Herald praised Fanny as a “public policy expert and community organizer who would bring a fresh perspective to the board.” 

Fanny has always expressed pride in her immigrant experience and has been civically engaged since her childhood. “I crossed the border with my mother and sister to reunite with my father in Illinois at age 13,” Fanny said. “I started doing community organizing in 2008 as an undocumented youth in both Chicago and the Northwest suburbs because I was liberated and realized that my voice has power.”

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