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Memorandum of Degree Completion Agreement Between College of Lake County (CLC) and the College of Applied Social Sciences at Dominican University (DU) in Legal Studies


This Degree Completion Agreement is simultaneously entered into by CLC and DU in order to create a smooth and seamless process by which eligible CLC students will ultimately be able to complete a Bachelor of Professional Studies (BPS) degree in Legal Studies at DU. This agreement requires the completion of an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) in Legal Studies at CLC.
As part of this Degree Completion Agreement, DU will automatically accept, in its entirety, an AAS degree in Legal Studies earned at CLC. Completing the aforementioned AAS degree at CLC is required for students to enter DU under the terms of this agreement.
Participating CLC students may contact the Director of Transfer Admission for more specific information concerning the degree requirements. The duly appointed representatives from the aforementioned parties will also govern all policies and procedures of this Degree Completion Agreement.

Student Eligibility

Students may apply to DU at any time during their attendance at CLC; it is recommended that students apply for admission to DU at least one semester prior to completing the AAS degree at CLC. Students must meet all applicable admission requirements at DU to remain eligible for this degree completion program; a minimum GPA of 2.5/4.0 is required for admission. Students' eligibility for continued study at either CLC or DU will be governed by each institution's policies on enrollment of probationary, dismissed, and re-entering students.
At any time before the completion of the aforementioned AAS degree at CLC, students may officially rescind the stipulations of the Degree Completion Agreement and transfer to DU, or any other institution of higher education, under the usual procedures.

Student Enrollment

Under this agreement, a student is exclusively enrolled at DU once the student has completed the aforementioned AAS degree at CLC and has been accepted to DU via the admission criteria above. After matriculation at DU, the student's subsequent progress toward the bachelor's degree is governed solely by DU's academic standards. CLC students must request a final, official transcript to be sent to DU after completing the aforementioned Associate of Applied Science degree at CLC for final verification.

Residency Requirement

DU will accept a maximum of sixty-eight (68) semester hours from a community college specifically towards a bachelor's degree. If a student exceeds sixty-eight (68) hours, DU will accept the most useful courses from the official transcript, not to exceed sixty-eight (68) semester hours towards the 120 minimum hours required for the bachelor's degree.

Correspondence and Advising

The College of Applied Social Sciences at DU will provide participating students with the advising materials, including model plans of recommended study and coursework specific to the Legal Studies major at DU. Students who have expressed their desire to cancel their participation in the Degree Completion Agreement will notify CLC and DU of their decision. The Director of Transfer Admission at DU will inform CLC of any changes to the Legal Studies core or major curricula that may affect the integrity of this agreement. Moreover, CLC will also infonn DU of curricular changes that would alter the nature of this agreement.

Program Requirements

The details of this agreement between the AAS in Legal Studies at CLC and the BPS in Legal Studies at DU are as follows:
BPS in Legal Studies: Upon completion of the aforementioned degree program at CLC, a maximum of sixty-eight (68) semester hours of credit could transfer from CLC to DU. The sixty­ three (63) hours of the Legal Studies degree at CLC will be applied to the total hours required for the Legal Studies degree at DU. Thus, students would need to complete a combination of Legal Studies major courses and DU core courses for a minimum total of fifty-seven (57) hours for the bachelor's degree in at DU.

Accelerated Degree Options

Bachelor of Professional Studies/Master of Arts in Mediation and Conflict Resolution: High-achieving undergraduates can apply for the bachelor of professional studies/master of arts in mediation and conflict resolution (MMCR) accelerated degree option. Students admitted to this option can enroll in MCR courses before completing the baccalaureate degree and have up to nine (9) MCR credit hours apply to both their undergraduate and graduate degrees. Additional information is available through the CASS advising office.

Suggested Curriculum for the AAS in Legal Studies at CLC in conjunction with the Bachelor of Professional Studies in Legal Studies at DU:
AAS Course Requirements at CLC Credits DU Equivalency
First Semester    
ENG 121 English Composition I 3 ENG 101
CLC 120 Student Success Seminar 2 Elective
LGL 110 Introduction to Legal Studies* 3 LS 306
PHI 122 Logic or HUM 127 Critical Thinking (HUM) 3 Elective
Second Semester    
LGL 112 Legal Research and Writing* 3 LS 301
LGL 210 Tort Law** 3 LS Elective
PSC 121 American National Politics 3 Elective
CMM 121 Fundamentals of Speech or CMM 128 Interviewing Practices 3 Elective
LGL Elective** LGL 214 Recommended 3 LS Elective
Third Semester    
LGL 114 Litigation** 3 LS 352
LGL 116 Contract Law* 3 LS 325
PSY 121 Introduction to Psychology or SOC 121 Introduction to Sociology (SS) 3 SPCS 301
LGL 115 Law Office Technology and E-Discovery* 4 LS 303
Fourth Semester    
MTH 114 Applied Mathematics I or MTI-I Elective 3 Elective
LGL 118 Real Property Law** 3 LS 355
LGL 211 Drafting Legal Documents** 3 LS Elective
LGL Elective** LGL 215 Recommended 3 LS Elective
Fifth Semester    
LGL 251 Legal Studies Capstone** 3 LS Elective
LGL 270 Legal Studies Assessment Seminar** 3 LS Elective
LGL Elective** LGL 230 Recommended 3 LS Elective
LGL Elective** LGL 233 Recommended 3 LS Elective
Total credit hours from CLC 63  

 *These courses transfer as Legal Studies major requirements to DU.
**These courses transfer as Legal Studies elective requirements to DU.

BPS in Legal Studies Degree Requirements: Core at DU (57 credit hours)
Remaining Major Requirements (45 credit hours) Credits
SPCS 200 Adult Learning Seminar 3
LS 300 The American Legal System 3
LS 320 Religion and the Law 3
LS 321 Law and Economics 3
LS 322 Philosophical Basis of the Law 3
LS 400 Legal Ethics 3
Legal Studies Electives (2 courses; see options below) 6
Credits 24
ENG 102 English Composition II 3
HS 302 Statistics for the Social Sciences or other statistics course 3
SPCS 301 Topics in the Social Sciences or other social science course 3
SPCS 302 Topics in the Natural Sciences or other natural science courses (2 courses) 6
SPCS 303 Topics in the Humanities or other humanities course 3
SPCA 306 Adult Spiritual Life and Growth or other theology course 3
Credits 21

Electives: Choose any four (4) courses from the following (12 credit hours)

LS 304 Law Office Management  
LS 306 Basic Legal Training  
LS 310 Crime and Society  
LS 311 Juvenile Justice  
LS 315 Disability and the Law  
LS 323 Freedom of Speech  
LS 324 Civil Rights  
LS 330 Educational Law  
LS 335 Social Justice  
LS 340 Negotiation Theory  
LS 345 Environmental Law  
LS 350 Employment Law  
LS 351 Criminal Law and Procedure  
LS 353 Family Law (CLC: LGL 230)  
LS 354 Estate Planning (CLC: LGL 232)  
LS 356 Administrative Law (CLC: LGL 214)  
LS 357 The Uniform Commercial Code  
LS 358 International Law  
LS 359 Immigration Law (CLC: LGL 215)  
Total Credit Hours from DU 57
Bachelor of Professional Studies in Legal Studies: Total Credit Hours
CLC AAS degree + DU BPS Degree Completion