Fall Admission - Two-Year Full Time Program
Fall Semester Credit Spring Semester Credit
SWK510 Social Work Practice with Individuals and Families 3 SWK550 Social Work Practice with Groups (prereq:510)
SWK511 Field Practicum I 3 SWK551 Field Practicum II (prereq: 511)
SWK512 Social Work Research Methods 3 SWK553 Human Behavior in the Social Environment II (prereq: 513)
SWK513 Human Behavior in the Social Environment I (HBSE I) 3 SWK640 Mental Health: History, Theories, and Treatment 3
SWK514 History of Social Work & Social Welfare 3 Advanced Diversity (choose one)  3
Total  15 SWK620 Empowerment Practice with Latinos  
    SWK621 - Human Rights, Gender and Globalization (El Salvador)  
    SWK622 - Negotiating Social, Cultural, and Psychological Borders: Social Work with Immigrant and Refugee Families and Communities  
    SWK623 - Race and Ethnicity in U.S. Social Policy  
    SWK624 -  A Feminist Approach to Clinical Practice with Individual and Families  
    SWK625 - Race, Gender, and Human Rights in the Guatemalan Context  
    SWK628 - Culture, History, & Politics of Cuba  
    Total 15
Summer II      
SWK800 Boot Camp of Military Culture, Customs, and Traditions 3    
Elective 3    
Total Summer Classes 6    

Second Year Full Time Concentration Curriculum

Fall Semester Credit Spring Semester Credit
SWK810 Mental Health Issues, Assessment and Diagnosis (prereq:510, 550) 3 SWK 850 Theory, Treatment Planning and Intervention (prereq: 510, 550, 810) 3
SWK611 Field Practicum III (prereq: 511, 551)
3 SWK 651 Field Practicum IV  (prereq: 511, 551, 611)
SWK612 Practice Evaluation 3 SWK 641 Community-Based Participatory Research (prereq: 512, 612) 3
 SWK 814 Policy Impact within Military Systems (prereq:514)  3 Elective 3
Total 12  Total 12

Total Credit Hours = 60