This major will prepare you to write, speak, enjoy literature and film, and solve real-world problems in French—at a high level. The linguistic proficiency and cultural competence you gain will prepare you for success in an expanding range of professional settings.

The language of international business, diplomacy…and love

French is the official language of more than 30 nations. This classic, beautiful Romance language has more than 100 million fluent speakers in Europe, Africa and North America. The French major is ideal for students who are interested in other cultures and eager to meet different people and embrace new experiences. Because language and culture are two sides of a coin, you’ll study the history, literature and film of France and of French-speaking people around the world. The advanced skills and knowledge you’ll develop will enable you to stand out from the crowd and enter the job market ready for success.

More ways to learn—on campus and way beyond

Practical experience is built into the French curriculum. Our internships draw on Chicago’s extensive cultural and corporate resources. We make our connections your connections, so you can test-drive your dream job in the real world. You can combine academic study with compassionate service to people in need, or complete your own, hands-on research or creative projects in close collaboration with faculty. We especially encourage you to take full advantage of Dominican’s outstanding study abroad program. Back in 1925, we were the second campus in the country to start an academic program overseas. Today, you can choose from among programs on four continents.

See more of the world

A deep dive into another society and culture will strengthen your language skills and give you a highly marketable international perspective. In French-speaking countries alone, Dominican offers study abroad programs in:

  • Poitiers, a French city with 20 centuries of history, a great university, amazing Medieval and Renaissance architecture, and a vital role in the industry, communications and culture of modern France.
  • Paris, the international capital of fashion, where French students who also are completing a major in Dominican’s fashion department can study at the Paris American Academy in the historic Latin Quarter.
  • Fanjeaux, the hilltop town in southern France where Saint Dominic’s vision of a religious community devoted to seeking and sharing truth took shape in the 13th century.
  • Strasbourg, an international business hub where students will be introduced to European business practices and the unique economic situation created by the European Union.
Gisella Torres

French and Spanish Graduate

“Dominican has enabled me to step outside of my comfort zone. It gave me an open invitation to grow, intellectually, personally and even spiritually. It’s prepared me well for a career in elementary education.”

Prepare to succeed in a remarkable range of fields

French majors tend to be bright, curious and eager to meet new people and master unfamiliar challenges. Employers absolutely love people with those traits—so your career possibilities will be determined by your own imagination and grit. Our curriculum is designed to prepare you for lifelong intellectual and professional accomplishment. Our graduates are welcoming to new ideas, savvy about world politics and history, practiced and poised communicating nationally or internationally, and innovative and adaptable in forging meaningful careers. They earn their way to leadership positions in the professions of their choice.

Phaulo Escalante

French and Computer Science Student

“The opportunities at Dominican are really amazing. I got to complete an internship at Argonne National Laboratory. I am the first in my family to attend college and I want to be a role model for my younger brothers.”

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