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Economists seek to understand the complex interplay between resources and human behavior. Their work guides far-reaching decisions on public policy and the everyday choices of consumers. Dominican University offers two undergraduate programs in economics: a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree through the Brennan School of Business and a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree for students interested in interdisciplinary study or a double major.





Business Practicums

Brennan students have the opportunity to combine academics with real-world experience through a curriculum designed to build creativity and problem-solving skills. Required business practicums for students in the BBA degree program:

  • Business Gateway: In this introduction students apply course material to real business problems.
  • Entrepreneurship: From startups to funding sources, this course examines the small business world.
  • Internship: Students get the most from their internship by analyzing what they’re learning in this mostly online course.
  • Business Capstone: Builds upon the core to improve students’ management skills.
Career Development

Students benefit from Brennan’s outstanding support services:

  • Resume writing
  • Networking
  • Interviewing
  • One-on-one mentoring from visiting executives