Academic Success Services supports and partners with Academic Advising. It helps students to develop a comprehensive Student Success Plan, a holistic counseling and intervention system for students identified as needing additional support to complete courses successfully.

The Student Success Plan:

  • Requires students on Academic Probation to participate in the “success program” that includes the Academic Recovery Plan (a learning contract), monthly meetings with an assigned advisor from Rosary College of Arts and Sciences, and a Recovery Progress Journal to keep track of and reflect on academic progress.
  • Assists students in designing an individual Academic Preparation Plan to guide their time management.
  • Enrolls students into Strategies for Academic Success (ID 102) or Success Workshops (ID 090) Encourages students to attend Scholars Hour.

See below for details. 

Academic Recovery and Probation Conference Journal

The Recovery Progress Journal (pdf) is used to record and guide conference discussions and to monitor students’ academic, behavioral and social progress.

Academic Preparation Plan

The Academic Preparation Plan (APP) (pdf) assists students in designing an individual Academic Preparation Plan to guide their time management and study habits. Many students enter the university without the organizational skills, structure and discipline to prepare for classes, manage their time effectively and organize their lives. Students need help learning how to be disciplined, serious students, and scholars. Therefore, the goal of the Academic Preparation Plan is to help students address issues that impede their academic progress, restore their GPA’s, and help them to achieve academic success and excellence by ensuring that they study a minimum of two hours per credit hour for every class.

Academic Recovery Plans

The Academic Recovery Plan (ARP) (pdf) requires students on Academic Probation to participate in the “Academic Success Program” that includes a learning contract, the Academic Recovery Plan. The Academic Recovery Plan helps students to identify problem(s) that contribute to their lack of academic success resulting in academic probation. It list steps that students will take to correct the problem(s). The student must commit to the changes in behavior necessary to achieve academic success.

The purpose of the Declining Performance Plan (DP-ARP) (pdf) is to identify the problem(s) that contributed to the decline of a student’s grade point average resulting in a Term GPA below 2.00. The DP- ARP identifies and list steps the student will take to correct the problem(s). The student must commit to the changes in behavior necessary to achieve and maintain satisfactory progress and maintain a minimum 2.00 GPA each semester.

The Academic Recovery Financial Aid/Satisfactory Academic Progress Recovery Plan (SAP) (pdf) helps a student to identify the problem(s) that contribute to a student’s lack of academic success resulting in financial aid probation or suspension. The Plan identifies and list steps that the student will take to correct the problem(s). The student must commit to the changes in behavior necessary to achieve restoration to academic success and/or financial aid satisfactory academic progress (SAP).

Scholars' Hour

Students are encouraged to attend Scholars' Hour at least twice a week. Scholars' Hour consists of regularly scheduled, out-of-class, intentional study time that gives students an opportunity to meet with classmates to compare notes, discuss readings and key course concepts, develop study skill strategies, and prepare for exams. It takes all the hassle out of managing a study schedule and agenda. Think of it as guaranteed study time.

The overall goal of Scholars' Hour is to improve student retention and academic performance by organizing a dynamic and interactive learning environment outside of class. Scholars' Hour is a systematic and disciplined approach to get students actively involved in the learning process and engaged in their coursework. It helps students intentionally become structured, focused, disciplined, scholars, and lifelong learners.

Success Workshop and Courses
ID 102 Strategies for Academic Success (3 credit hours)

This course, through proven strategies of self-assessment, guided journaling and critical thinking case studies, will empower students to attain success in their academic and personal lives. The course stresses self-exploration, personal growth and wise decision-making. Woven into each unit are the essential study skills of reading, note-taking, test-taking, time management, writing and other skills needed to ensure student success.

ID 090 Academic Success Workshops (No Credit)

Student Academic Success Workshops are offered throughout the semester; these one-hour workshops empower students with the skills necessary to complete their studies successfully. Through a series of interactive activities, presentations, and real case studies, students learn techniques to solve their problems which interfere with life-long learning. Topics covered are reading and writing strategies, time management and test-taking skills. This is a non-credit seminar open to all who wish to enhance their academic skills and learn new techniques. This course is offered on a satisfactory/fail basis.