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Significantly increase academic persistence and purposeful completion.
2020 Tactics
  • Implementation of a Relational Retention platform, Pharos 360, to support coordinated care, student referrals, and academic alerts.
  • Integrated front line services of financial aid, registration and records, and student accounts into Stars Connect to better support the student experience. The unit has worked collaboratively with campus partners to engage with students more proactively in order to eliminate barriers to retention and completion.
  • The first higher education partner with NOW POW, a personalized community referral platform, allowing Student Success and Engagement to provide students with referrals to community resources that address a broad range of health and social conditions.
  • Created new academic pathways to ensure student persistence in fields rich in opportunity, including Bachelor of Science in Health and Wellness (Borra College of Health Sciences) and major in educational studies (College of Applied Social Sciences).
  • Launched pilot courses in Critical Reading, Writing and Thinking, a first‐year, two‐semester course that combines holistic advising practices, skill-building in writing/oral communication, and deliberate teaching and learning toward the foundational learning outcomes in a cohort model.

2020 Progress Points
  • Dedicated the Learning Commons. This beautiful re-imagining of the Rebecca Crown Library will be a catalyst for engagement inside and outside the classroom, and provide students with a rich array of integrated services and experiences.
  • Successfully increased tutor usage in STEM tutoring subjects. Overall usage continues to increase.

Challenges/Areas of 2021 Focus
  • Close gaps in graduation rate by race/ethnicity.