The Undergraduate Research, Scholarship and Creative Investigations committee was pleased to select four students, out of a strong field of applicants, for 2017 Summer Scholarships. Each student will receive $2000 and three credits to work with a faculty mentor over the summer on a major project. We fund two awards every year, but were especially grateful this year to Janet McNicholas, PhD, '73, who funded an extra two awards in the sciences. The winners are:

Adriana Espinoza is working with Dr. Tina Taylor-Ritzler in psychology. She will interview incoming first-generation Latina students at Dominican University to inquire if/how they use their bicultural identity as a motivating factor to pursue post-secondary education.

Danielle Jones will be working with Chris Anderson, in biology, to study parasites in damsel flies collected in the DuPage County Forest Preserve. Jones’ award was funded by Dr. McNicholas.

Theodore Menet will work with Dr. Tracy Caldwell, also in psychology, to evaluate how stereotypes keep women from participating in science-related fields.

Jose Rangel will be working with Joseph Sagerer, in physics, to create a prototype of a multi-directional muon ray to scan through the walls of pyramids to find hidden chambers! The long term goal is to scan the pyramids of Chichen Itza, In Mexico. Rangel’s award was funded by Dr. McNicholas.