Experience everything Dominican has to offer without ever leaving home!

Virtual Admitted Student Day Part 1

With Illinois’ extended stay at home order in effect, we unfortunately won’t have the opportunity to welcome you to campus this May—but don’t worry, we’re moving
our Admitted Student Day online! You and your family are invited to virtually explore all the opportunities Dominican has to offer in a live forum.

This event was held Saturday, May 30

Join us on Zoom to:
  • Learn your next steps to becoming a Dominican Star
  • Explore student life and how you can get involved
  • Find answers to your questions from a panel of current students
  • Take a live tour of campus—right from your computer
  • And more!

Don’t miss your chance to get to know our campus and see why you’ll want to call Dominican home!

Virtual Admitted Student Day Part 2

Join us June 2 for the second installment of Virtual Admitted Student Day where you’ll dive into the academic experience at Dominican.

This event was held Tuesday, June 2

Join us on Zoom to:
  • Learn how we’ve adapted our curriculum during COVID-19
  • Hear what the fall semester might look like on campus
  • Explore undergraduate research from the perspective of a current student
  • Experience online learning for yourself with a small group session presented by faculty in your area of study!
Sample Courses
Discipline Online Course Title Course Description
Arts Type Talk – more than just a pretty font Explore the role typography plays in the design that surrounds you, from billboards to websites to that T-shirt you put on this morning.
Business Winning in life, winning in business We'll talk about your definition of winning in life and what it means to win in business.
Education Becoming a Dominican Educator Explore the characteristics of an effective teacher from the Dominican perspective.
Health Science Proper use of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) During a Pandemic The use of CDC guidelines to prevent the spread of infection in the hospital and the general public.
Humanities The Mother of Monsters; the problem with women who know too much... From Eve to Shakespeare’s “Macbeth,” there is a complicated social response to women who thirst for knowledge. We will take a brief look at Eve, as the mother of Cain and Abel, Grendel and his mother, and the witches in “Macbeth” to discuss how this has impacted the portrayal of women in literature.
Natural Science Genetics Students will experience how a university-level science course is conducted, by a demonstration on the genetics of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which causes COVID-19.
Physical Science Intro to Environmental Chemistry In this course we cover the basics of the nature and fate of chemicals as they relate to the environment. This includes their importance in natural cycles as well as their effect as harmful pollutants.
Social Sciences Introduction to Criminology What is criminology? One definition with a multitude of Implications.
Technology and Math Writing a First Program in C# We’ll create a program using Microsoft Visual Studio and the language C# (C Sharp). These powerful tools are among the most popular for creating desktop and web applications.
Undecided Majors Living Your Best Life How do you define your best life? Is it making a lot of money? Marrying the love of your life? Good health? This course will discuss how we weave “back and forth” in life trying to live our best life.

Virtual Admitted Student Day Part 3

This third and final part of our virtual admitted student day series is designed to bring enrolling freshman and transfer students together online following decision day for a social hour event. During the event, smaller breakout sessions will occur for you to meet future Dominican Stars like yourself and celebrate the excitement to come in the fall.

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