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Applicants who are not seeking a degree and who have graduated from high school or earned a GED may be admitted as students-at-large. Students-at-large must complete an application and present official or unofficial transcripts from high school and any previous college work. The college transcripts will serve to verify whether specific prerequisite courses had been taken, and that the student was in good standing at the most recent institution.

Students-at-large may register for up to thirty semester hours of credit before they must change to degree-seeking status. Credits earned as students-at-large at Dominican may then be applied to satisfy degree requirements. Students-at-large must meet all rules and regulations regarding admission requirements when applying for degree-seeking status, and are subject to all academic rules and regulations during their attendance at the university. Students applying for admission to a certificate/teacher certification program may not apply as students-at-large. Moreover, students-at-large are not eligible for any type of financial aid, including educational loans.