Undergraduate Tuition 2021–2022

Rosary College of Arts and Sciences
Incoming undergraduate students, full time (12–18 credit hours) $17,475.00 per semester)
Part time (1-11 credit hours or over 18 credit hours), Spring and Fall semesters $1,167.00 per credit
Undergraduate and Post-bacc; Summer 2021 tuition rate (taught at main campus only) $582.50 per credit
College of Applied Social Sciences
Bachelor of Professional Studies $490.00 per credit hour
Continuing Studies Prior Learning Portfolio Fee $125.00
Borra College of Health Sciences
Post-baccalaureate (pre-medical or ADA) $1,005 per credit hour

Graduate Tuition 2021–2022

Brennan School of Business
Master of Business Administration $990 per credit hour
Master of Science in Accounning $450 per credit hour
Dietetics Classes (MBA-RD program) $950 per credit hour
Dual Degree Programs *See below
Rosary College of Arts and Sciences
Master of Science in Software Development $850 per credit hour
School of Information Studies
Master's Degree Programs $850 per credit hour
Dual Degree Programs *See below
PhD Program $850 per credit
PhD Dissertation $500 per credit
School of Education
Master's Degree Programs $550 per credit hour
Endorsements: Reading Teacher, Technology Specialist, Learning Behavior Specialist I $400 per credit hour
Endorsements: ESL/Bilingual $215 per credit hour
Alternative Licensure $22,000 program cost
School of Social Work
Master of Social Work $850 per credit hour
Dual Degree Programs *See below
College of Applied Social Sciences
Master of Arts in Mediation and Conflict Resolution $625 per credit hour
Dual Degree Programs *See below
Borra College of Health Sciences
Master of Science in Nutrition $860 per credit
Master of Science in Nutrition with Supervised Practice $950 per credit
Individual Supervised Practice Pathway (ISPP) Certificate $950 per credit
Physician Assistant Studies (Matriculation January 2020) $890 per credit
Physician Assistant Studies (Matriculation January 2021) $920 per credit
Dual Degree Programs

Students enrolled in dual-degree programs between two schools or colleges at Dominican will be charged per credit hour per course, according to the program that offers each particular course. For example, if you are registered for classes from both the School of Information Studies and the School of Social Work, tuition for each course will reflect the tuition rate of the school or college offering that course.


Undergraduate Fees: 2021–2022
Part-time Student Fee $20 per class
Full-time Student Fee $85 per semester
Part-time New Student Fee $25 (one-time fee)
Full-time New Student Fee $150 (one-time fee)
Art Lab Fee $50 per class
Apparel Lab Fee $50 per class
CAS Lab Fee $50 per class
Theatre Lab Fee $50 per class
Nutrition Lab Fee $125–250 per class
Science Lab Fee $50 per class
Nursing Lab Fee $50–$215 per class
Nursing: ATI Carp Fee TBD
Music Lessons $150–$450
Part-time Technology Fee $75 per semester
Full-time Technology Fee $150 per semester
Resident Association Fee $20 per semester
Degree Fee $75
Late Application for Graduation $25 
Tuition Deposit (new students) $200
Housing Deposit (new students) $200
Housing Deposit (returning students) $50
Deferment Fee $90
Monthly Finance Charge 1%
Tuition Remission Fee $30 per class/$120 maximum
Graduate Fees: 2021–2022
Student Fee $23 per class
Application Fee $25
Matriculation Fee $25 (one-time fee per program)
Part-time Technology Fee $75
Full-time Technology Fee $150
Degree Fee $75
Late Application for Graduation $25
Deferment Fee $90
Monthly Finance Charge 1%
MBA Gateway Experiential Fee (MGMT 601) $500
Physician Assistant Lab Fee $172 per semester
Physician Assistant Clinical Travel Fee $300
Nutrition Lab Fees $125–$250 per class
Tuition Remission Fee $30 per class/maximum $120

Room and Board per Semester: 2021–2022

Room Style 16-Week Contract Semester Pricing
Fall Semester
Power Single $3,462.50
Power Double & Triple $3,032.50
Coughlin Single $3,462.50
Coughlin Double $3,032.50
Mazzuchelli Single $3,462.50
Aquinas Single $3,462.50
Aquinas Private Single $4,150.00
Murray Double Cluster as a Single $3,912.50
Murray Suite: Single $4,130.00
Murray Suite: Double as a Single $3,700.00

Other housing options are available. Please contact us if you would like more information.

Board 16-Week Contract Board Pricing
All Resident Meal Plans $2,400
  Gold Star Plan: 19 meals a week/$200 Dining Dollars
  Blue Star Plan: 15 meals a week/$400 Dining Dollars
  Silver Star Plan: 10 meals a week/$600 Dining Dollars

Campus Safety and Bank Fees

Annual Parking Sticker $50–$200
Replacement ID: Resident or Commuter $25
Returned Check/ACH Fee $30


Student Accounts offers each student a $500 line of credit at the bookstore, which is available the day after you register for classes and once the books for the semester become available. If you have enough financial aid to cover your purchase then no additional steps need to be taken. If not, please contact Student Accounts to discuss your payment options or review your account online to view the update to your payment plan.

Books and supplies are an additional out of pocket expense that is not included in the cost of tuition. Such expenses may range from $300 to $600 per semester, depending on the student's major and class load. Visit the Stepan Bookstore online: https://www.bkstr.com/dominicanstore.

Student Health Insurance

Students who do not have health insurance should visit the Wellness Center in Coughlin 022 for assistance in navigating your health insurance options.