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Memorandum of Degree Completion Agreement Between Ivy Tech Community College (IT) and Dominican University (DU) in Legal Studies 


This Degree Completion Agreement is simultaneously entered into by IT and DU in order to create a smooth and seamless process by which eligible IT students will ultimately be able to complete a Bachelor of Professional Studies (BPS) degree in Legal Studies at DU. This agreement requires the completion of an Associate of Science in Legal Studies at IT.

As part of this Degree Completion Agreement, DU will automatically accept, in its entirety, an Associate of Science degree in Legal Studies earned at IT.  In addition to completing the remainder of the Legal Studies major at DU, students will be required to complete a Theology course and an Adult Learning Seminar. Completing the aforementioned Associate of Science degree at IT is required for students to enter DU under the terms of this agreement. Participating IT students may contact the Director of Transfer Admission for more specific information concerning these courses. All policies and procedures of this Degree Completion Agreement will be governed by the duly appointed representatives from the aforementioned parties.

Student Eligibility

Students may apply to DU at any time during their attendance at IT; it is recommended that students apply for admission to DU at least one semester prior to completing the AS degree at IT. Students must meet all applicable admission requirements at DU to remain eligible for this degree completion program; a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5/4.0 is required for admission to DU, as well as completion of a minimum of 30 transferable semester hours. A student whose GPA is below 2.5, or has fewer than the required 30 hours, must have the file presented to the Assistant Provost for an admission decision. Students’ eligibility for continued study at either IT or DU will be governed by each institution’s policies on enrollment of probationary, dismissed and re-entering students.

Prior to completion of the aforementioned Associate of Science degree at IT, students may officially rescind the stipulations of the Degree Completion Agreement and transfer to DU, or any other institution of higher education, under the usual procedures.

Student Enrollment

Under this agreement, a student is exclusively enrolled at DU once the student has completed the aforementioned Associate of Science degree at IT and has been accepted to DU via the admission criteria above. After matriculation at DU, the student’s subsequent progress toward the bachelor’s degree is governed solely by DU’s academic standards. IT students must request a final, official transcript to be sent to DU after completing the aforementioned Associate of Science degree at IT for final verification.

Residency Requirement

DU will accept a maximum of sixty-eight (68) semester hours from a community college such as IT. If a student exceeds sixty-eight (68) hours, DU will accept the most useful courses from the official transcript, not to exceed sixty-eight (68) semester hours towards the 120 minimum hours required for the bachelor’s degree.

Tuition Discount

Eligible IT students who participate in this program will receive a 20% discount off the regular DU online per credit hour tuition for the duration of their time in DU’s BPS-Legal Studies program.

Advising, Correspondence and Renewal

The Director of Transfer Admission at DU will provide participating students with the advising materials, including model plans of recommended study and coursework specific to the Legal Studies program at DU. Students will notify IT and DU of major/minor changes for advising purposes. Students who have expressed their desire to cancel their participation in the Degree Completion Agreement will also notify IT and DU of their decision. In order to develop subsequent program guides for IT students, the Director of Transfer and Adult Admission at DU will inform IT of any changes to the core or major curricula that may affect the integrity of this agreement. Moreover, IT will also inform DU of curricular changes that will alter the nature of this agreement. Finally, this agreement will be subjected to a re-certification every other year to insure the integrity and validity of the information and policies contained herein.


The details of this agreement between the Associate of Science in Legal Studies at IT and the BPS degree in Legal Studies at DU are as follows:

Upon completion of the aforementioned degree program at IT, a maximum of sixty-eight (68) semester hours of credit would transfer from IT to DU.  The sixty to sixty-four (60-64) hours of the AS in Legal Studies would be applied to the total hours required for the bachelor degree at DU.  Thus, students would need to complete thirty (30) additional hours specifically for the Legal Studies major at DU, and a minimum total of fifty-six to sixty (56-60) hours for the bachelor’s degree.

Suggested Curriculum for the Associate of Science in Legal Studies at IT in conjunction with the BPS degree in Legal Studies at DU:

IT General Education Requirement for the AS
Written Communication  (3–6)

ENG 111 English Composition
ENG 215 Rhetoric and Argument

Speaking and Listening  (3–6)

COMM 101 Fundamentals of Public Speaking or
COMM 102 Introduction to Interpersonal Communication

Quantitative Reasoning  (3–9)

MATH 123, 135, 136, 137, 200, 201, 202, 211, 212, 221, 222

Scientific Ways of Knowing (choose two)  (3–10)

ASTR 101, 102
BIOL 100, 101, 105, 107, 121, 122, 201, 211, 222
CHEM 101, 105, 106, 111, 115, 211, 212, 215
PHYS 101, 102, 220, 221
SCIN 100, 111

Social and Behavioral Ways of Knowing (choose two) (3–9)

ANTH 154
COMM 201, 202, 212
ECON 101, 201, 202
HIST 101, 102, 111, 112
POLS 101, 211
PSYCH 101, 201,205, 240, 253
SOCI  111, 164, 245, 252, 253

Humanistic and Artistic Ways of Knowing (choose two) (3–9)

ARTH 101, 102, 110; ENGL 202, 206, 214, 220, 221,

222, 223; FREN 101, 102, 201, 202; GERM 101, 102, 201,

202; HUMA 100, 118; PHIL 101, 102, 220; SPAN 101, 102,

201, 202  

IT Legal Studies AS Degree Program
Institutional Requirements (3)

IVYT 111 Student Success in University Transfer  (1)
LEGS 279 Legal Studies Capstone Course (2)

Program Specific Core (18)

LEGS 101 Introduction to Paralegal Studies  (3)
LEGS 102 Legal Research (3)
LEGS 103 Civil Procedures (3)
LEGS 170 Legal Ethics (3)
LEGS 202 Litigation (3)
PARA 124 Legal Writing (3)

Transfer Cluster (9)

BUSN 201 Business Law (3)
CRIM 101 Introduction to the Criminal Justice System (3)
CRIM 205 Procedural Criminal Law (3)
CRIM 211 Criminal Law (3)
ENGL 202 Creative Writing (3)
ENGL 211 Technical Writing (3)
ENGL 215 Rhetoric and Argument (3)
LEGSxxx Elective (3)
PARAxxx Elective (3)

Total for AS degree completion at IT: 60     

The following courses are required to complete the BPS degree in Legal Studies
Proficiency Requirement

Theology Elective (3)        

General Education Requirement

SPCS 200 Adult Learning Seminar (3)

Major Requirements

LS 300 The American Legal System (3)
LS 320 Religion and the Law (3)
LS 321 Law and Economics (3)        
LS 322 Philosophical Basis of the Law (3)
LS 325 Contracts (3)

Legal Studies Electives (Choose a total of five courses)

LS 302 The Paralegal Profession (3)
LS 323 Freedom of Speech (3)
LS 324 Civil Rights (3)        
LS 340 Negotiation Theory (3)
LS 350 Employment Law (3)
LS 353 Family Law (3)
LS 354 Estate Planning (3)
LS 355 Real Estate Law (3)
LS 356 Administrative Law (3)
LS 357 The Uniform Commercial Code (3)                    
LS 499 Legal Studies Internship (3)

Up to three additional 200-level or higher social sciences courses with approval of the Assistant Provost.                  

General Electives: 24–28

Minimum total for degree completion at DU: 56–60            

FINAL TOTAL (minimum): 120

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