The Department of Communication Arts and Sciences is committed to making the world a more just and humane place through communication practices.

Department Vision Statement

The world of communication is fascinating, fast paced, and ever changing. A communication major or minor with strong oral, written, and visual communication skills will be prepared to enter the job market in many roles, industries, and work settings.

A Dominican University communication major or minor will learn how to be both critical consumers and strategic producers of media, while improving their interpersonal skills in a variety of real-life contexts, from engaging interculturally to expressing their personal stance on global issues.

The Department of Communication Arts and Sciences strives to present a well-rounded communication education that combines theory and practice, the face-to-face and the mediated, the quantitative and the qualitative to provide the understanding, knowledge, training, and expertise on specific and multiple aspects of 21st century communication theory and practice.

The department is committed to helping its communication majors analyze communication phenomena using different research theories, concepts, methods and practices. To achieve this learning, students will be able to demonstrate competency in several areas.

  • Students will test the application of theories and concepts through the utilization of different methods and practices.
  • Students will explain communication phenomena through the use of different research theories, concepts, methods and practices.
  • Students will engage in informed ethical behaviors related to the application of theories, concepts, methods and practices to analyze communication phenomena.
Department Programs

The Department of Communication Arts and Sciences offers several programs to prepare you for a dynamic career.




Communication Studies Communication Studies
Corporate Communication Corporate Communication
Digital Journalism Digital Journalism
Health Communication Film Studies
  Health Communication
  Social Media


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