The world of communication is fascinating, fast paced and ever changing. A college graduate with strong oral, written and visual communication skills will enter the job market ready to shine in many roles, industries and work settings.

The Department of Communication Arts and Sciences offers several programs to prepare you for a dynamic career.



Communication Studies Communication Studies
Corporate Communication Corporate Communication
Digital Journalism Digital Journalism
Health Communication Film Studies
  Health Communication
  Social Media

Faculty and students in the Department of Communication Arts and Sciences are committed to making the world a more just and humane place through our communication practices.

Our faculty research how to improve communication in both interpersonal and mass media contexts, whether online or offline. They have published articles and books on a variety of topics important to their respective fields.

Our students learn how to be both critical consumers and strategic producers of media, while improving their interpersonal skills in a variety of real-life contexts, from engaging interculturally to expressing their personal stance on global issues.

Our alumnae/i work around the world, in numerous fields, in corporations large and small, and in media from newspapers to television.

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