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Below you will find links to universities and other organizations whose online content can serve as a means of supplementing your Dominican education.

General Academic

The Khan Academy. A not-for-profit organization on a mission to offer free educational materials to the Internet public. video database and individualized assessment tools are available for nearly all disciplines—from biology to finance to history. Bonus: The Khan Academy provides useful schematics for learners who are more visually inclined.

MIT OpenCourseWare. One of the most prestigious institutions of higher education offers all of its course materials online for free. This is a vast collection—over 2000 courses—of material with many applications, though there is an emphasis on math, science and other technical disciplines. This material is available under the MIT OpenCourseWare Creative Commons license.

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. A rigorous and detailed database of theories, history, and significant figures in philosophy and the humanities. This encyclopedia is open to the public and is frequently updated by experts in the field.

General Writing

Purdue OWL. One of the first and most comprehensive online writing resources, the Purdue Online Writing Lab provides students with writing assistance at any stage in the writing process—from brainstorming to conducting research to citing (APA and MLA). OWL can also help with grammar and mechanics, and it maintains a useful section for ESL learners.

Paradigm Online Writing Assistant. Professor Chuck Guilford from Boise State University provides an interactive guide for college writers. Here you will find information on freewriting, effective sentence structure, how to improve introductions and conclusions and more.


ESL Activities. A collection of grammar quizzes, vocabulary quizzes, and crossword puzzles designed to make learning the English language a bit more fun. These activities are part of a project of The Internet TESL Journal and its content comes from ESL teachers worldwide.

ESL Study Hall. A site designed by a professor from The George Washington University. Here you will find helpful resources for ESL reading, writing, listening, vocabulary, grammar and U.S. culture.

Avoiding Plagiarism

Academic Integrity. Dominican University’s policy of academic honesty and integrity in its entirety.

Study Skills, Time Management and Test-Taking Strategies

Purdue Online Writing Lab. This site provides great resources for writers writing in APA and MLA. This collection of materials is well organized and widely recognized by academics.

The Cornell Note-Taking System.  One of the most popular methods for recording and better understanding your notes from Cornell University’s Learning Strategies Center.

Active Listening, Note-Taking, and Class Participation.  From Academic Skills Center, Dartmouth College

Tips and Strategies for Tackling College Readings. From Timothy Burke, Swarthmore College