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TOP 10 REASONS to Attend Dominican
  1. You want knowledgeable professors with real world experience.
  2. You want to be surrounded by a friendly, helpful community.
  3. You want to explore the world.
  4. You're unsure of what to major in and want to be able to switch programs easily.
  5. You want to grow as a person emotionally and spiritually.
  6. Your professors with know not only your name, but your birthday, favorite color and pet's name.
  7. You want to be close to downtown Chicago, but prefer a quieter environment.
  8. You want to be on a winning sports team.
  9. You want to go to a school that looks like Hogwarts.
  10. You want to make a difference in the world.
"When you come to Dominican, you're joining a community rife in opportunity and built on relationships - with fellow students, professors, staff, and our thousands of successful alumni. You'll be challenged, guided, and encouraged as you achieve success and develop the character, knowledge, and skills to influence others for the good."
-Jeff Carlson, Dean, RCAS


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