Stephanie Rossi Pedersen ’08 has launched a fun, interactive learning tool to help children learn multiplication. Pedersen, who received a bachelor’s degree in American Studies and a certification in elementary education, is the chief learning officer for the product and a fifth grade teacher for Komarek School District 94 in North Riverside.

Squixy is an educational technology platform designed to incorporate the three phases of play—physical, digital and augmented reality—in an exciting and impactful learning experience. While playing a digital game called “Squixy and the Battle for all Time,” children are partnered with Squixy, an intergalactic hero battling to save the Milky Way from his greedy nemesis Trixy. Students work through a challenging 58-page colorful activity book with 10 training missions focusing on beginning level multiplication skills. According to the Squixy website, the goal is to “edutain” students while helping them “learn fast/learn fun.” The program supports Common Core standards.

Squixy will officially launch on March 9 at the SXSW EDU conference. Stephanie is planning a Spanish-language version of the program as well as a division-themed workbook and a read-aloud comic.

Stephanie played on the women’s softball team for four years while at Dominican. She also was involved in cross country and the Fashion Club, and once had dreams of being a fashion designer. She studied Italian for two years in college because she thought that she would eventually live in Milan, Italy, the fashion capital of the world. She received an elementary education certificate from Dominican and a master’s degree in reading from Concordia University—she admits it was hard to tell her Dominican friends she was continuing her education with their “arch rival.” She is married to fellow alum, Derek Pedersen ’07, who played basketball for the Stars, and lives with their two daughters in Westchester.

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