Selected Publications 

"Demonstrating the effectiveness of an integrated and intensive research methods and statistics course sequence" - Rebecca Pliske-Tracy Caldwell-Robert Calin-Jageman-Tina Ritzler - Teaching of Psychology - 2015

Pliske, Rebecca M, Martha Jacob. "Undergraduate research at primarily undergraduate institutions." Undergraduate Research office and Programs: Models and Practices, Edited by: Joyce Kinkead and Linda Blockus, Council on Undergraduate Research, 2012.

"Problem detection" - G Klein-R Pliske-B Crandall-D Woods - Cognition, Technology & Work - 2005

Pliske, Rebecca M, et. al. "Competence in weather forecasting." Psychological explorations of competent decision making, Edited by: J. Shanteau, P. Johnson, & K. Smith, Cambridge University Press, 2004.

Pliske, Rebecca M, Gary Klein. "The naturalistic decision making perspective." Emerging perspectives in decision making, Edited by: S. L. Schneider & J. Shanteau, Cambridge University Press, 2003.

Pliske, Rebecca M, et. al. "Decision skills training: Facilitating learning from experience." Linking expertise and naturalistic decision making, Edited by: E. Salas & G. Klein, Argosy Publishing, 2002.

Selected Presentations 
Expanding the Circle of Caritas: Cognitive Science, Literature, and EMpathy, Caritas Veritas Symposium of Dominican University, River Forest, IL / PaperI, 2014
Teaching judgment heuristics changes critical thinking dispositions but not general reasoning skills, Association for Psychological Science / PaperI, 2013
Gathering evidence to assess global learning in a required multicultural course, American Association of Colleges and Universities (AAC&U) Conference on Global Learning / Poster, 2013
Latino/a student's intent to pursue a graduate degree, Midwestern Psychological Association / PaperI, 2011
A Scholarship of Teaching Project on Critical Thinking in Psychology, Professional Development Seminar Presentation / PaperI, 2011


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