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Pat Sinclair is a clinician and educator homegrown in the Midwest. A Michigan expatriate who has developed his roots in Detroit, Chicago, and Milwaukee. He has lived and trained for most of his 15 years in medicine in Chicago. He is a full-time practicing emergency medicine physician as well as a medical educator. His academic interests include the medical decision-making process including cognitive bias and heuristics and how they influence patient care. Having had the privilege of teaching and learning from a wide array of students in healthcare professions; he has found academic medicine personally rewarding and it allows him to renew his core mission as a physician. He also has an extensive background and continues to work on medical direction teams for various EMS agencies and special events and describes himself as a "pre-hospitalist." He currently lives west of Chicago with his fiancé (an ER nurse) and their 3 cats and one dog. In his free time, you can find him outdoors working on his amateur photography skills or kayak skills. An avid cooker of food (but don't ask him to bake anything) as well as a brewer of beverages when the time allows. His home is in constant sports conflict with loyalties to Detroit, Wisconsin, and Chicago. Favorite Quote: "Adversity reveals genius, prosperity conceals it."


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