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PhD, Florida International University
MS, Technical University, Iasi, Romania
Selected Publications
"Novel primary amine diazeniumdiolates - chemical and biological characterization" Puglisi, M.P.; Bradaric, M. J.; Pontikis, J.; Cabai, J.; Weyna, T.; Tednes, P.; Schretzman, R.; Rickert, K.; Cao, Z.; Andrei, D.* *Corresponding author Drug Development Research, 2018, 79, 136-143.
Analysis of the HNO and NO donating properties of alicyclic amine diazeniumdiolates” Nitric Oxide (Nitric Oxide, 2014)
"Dual mechanisms of HNO generation by a nitroxyl prodrug of the diazeniumdiolate (NONOate) class" - Daniela Andrei-J. D. Salmon-S. Donzelli-A.; Wahab-M. Citro - Journal of the American Chemical Society - 2010
“Dual mechanisms of HNO generation by a nitroxyl prodrug of the diazeniumdiolate (NONOate) class”, D. Andrei; D. J. Salmon; S. Donzelli; A. Wahab; J. R. Klosr; M. Citro; J. E. Saveedra; D. A. Wink; K. M. Miranda and Larry Keefer. Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2010, 132, 46, 16526-16532.
“Aryl Bis(diazeniumdiolates): Potent Inducers of S-Glutathionylation of Cellular Proteins and Their in Vitro Antiproliferative Activities”. ; D. Andrei; A. E. Maciag; H. Chakrapani; M. L. Citro;L. K. Keefer and J. E. Saavedra. Journal of Medicinal Chemistry - 2008, 51(24), 7944-7952.
“Synthesis of 5'-functionalized nucleosides: S-Adenosylhomocysteine analogue with the carbon-5' and sulfur atoms replaced by a vinyl or halovinyl unit” S. Wnuk; P. R. Sacasa; E. Lewandowska; D. Andrei; S. Cai. Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry , 2008, 16(10), 5424-5433.
Selected Presentations
Comparison of chemical and biological properties of HNO and NO releasing cyclic amine diazeniumdiolates and their ester derivatives, 241st ACS National Meeting & Exposition, March 27-31, 2011 / PaperI, 2011
Synthesis and characterization of novel diazeniumdiolates releasing nitroxyl (HNO), Twelfth Tetrahedron Symposium, Challenges in Organic and Bioorganic Chemistry / Poster, 2011
Using HNO to treat heart failure, Faculty seminar presentation, Dominican University, September 7th / PaperI, 2010
Synthesis of new diazeniumdiolates as HNO donors, Undergraduate Research & Creative Investigations (URCI), Dominican University, April 7 / PaperI, 2010
Synthesis of new diazeniumdiolates as nitroxyl (HNO) donors, 239th American Chemical Society (ACS) National Meeting & Exposition, San Francisco, CA, March 21- 25, / PaperI, 2010


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