PhD, Drexel University
MS, Temple University
BBA, LaSalle University
Selected Publications 

Reavey, Brooke; Guarise, Rafaela. "Alphabet Soup: Consumer's Perceptions of Social Enterprise Terminology in Marketing Communications." Journal of Marketing Development and Competitiveness, 2020

Reavey, Brooke. "Using Scholarship Applications to Aid Knowledge Transfer of Key Marketing Concepts." Marketing Education Review, 2020

Reavey, Brooke; Puzakova, Marina; Andras, Trina; Kwak, Hyokjin. "The Multidimensionality of Anthropomorphism in Advertising: The Moderating Roles of Cognitive Busyness and Assertive Language." International Journal of Advertising, 2018

Reavey, Brooke; Rosenbloom, Al. "Can Anyone Write a Survey? Coping with the Digital Disruption of the Marketing Research Industry in the Classroom." 2018 World Marketing Conference Academy of Marketing Science, 2018

Reavey, Brooke; Huang, Yanliu. "The Interplay between Gender, Phonetic Symbolism, and Anthropomorphized Products." 10th International Conference "Marketing - from Information to Decision, 2017

Homan, Patrick; Reavey, Brooke. "Self-Assessment and Self-Defense in Post-Cold War Presidential Foreign Policymaking." International Studies Association Annual Conference, 2015

Selected Presentations 
Brand Anthropomorphism: The Role of Cognitive Resources and Accessibility of Persuasion Knowledge, Advances in Consumer Research, 2012
An Exploratory Study of Failed Relationship Transitions in Nonprofit Service Patrons, American Marketing Association, 2010
Digital Identity: A Social Identity Perspective, Global Marketing Conference, 2010
Determining Fairness: A Cognitive Process of Price Fairness Situations, Academy of Marketing Science, 2010
It's Who You Know: The Influence of Social Network Sites on Vendor Selection, Global Marketing Conference, 2010


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