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Amy Omi is first, and foremost, a Daughter, Partner and Mom, Sister and Auntie. She works as an Adjunct Professor of Music and Project Coordinator for the Office of Justice, Equity, and Inclusion at Dominican University in River Forest, Illinois. Amy first began her work at Dominican University in the fall of 2011 as Music Liturgist, directing the Liturgical Choir, coordinating liturgy, and training pastoral musicians. She then served as University Minister for Liturgy and the Arts between 2015-2021, taking on Coordination of the Truth, Racial Healing, and Transformation Center in the spring of 2021. The TRHT Campus Center actively works to “resist racial injustice and social inequality on campus and in the communities we serve.” Amy is trained as a Healing Circle Practitioner and utilizes this restorative justice approach to create brave spaces among diverse groups seeking to build trust, heal hurt, learn from one another, and celebrate together. Not only is Amy dedicated to educating undergraduate students in the discipline of music, she is deeply committed to building on-going partnerships to resist white supremacy and challenge racist ideas, policies, and practices. As part of the University community, she is dedicated to building a more just and humane world by dismantling the false belief in a hierarchy of human value.


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