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Photo courtesy of Joseph Leute

This story appeared in the Spring 2022 Dominican Magazine.

In 1964, Sr. Joeann Daley, OP, ’62, MFA ’81, and Kathleen Stagney ’62 spent the summer in a small town in Wisconsin, creating a mosaic to honor the migrant workers who came every year from Mexico, the West Indies and beyond to work on nearby farms.

Part of the shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe, the mosaic and its home deteriorated over the years, but now, a fundraising effort is underway to restore both the mosaic and the shrine. In July, Sr. Joeann and Kathleen traveled to Endeavor, Wisconsin, to celebrate the shrine’s first pilgrimage and see the renovations that have been done so far.

“It’s an amazing thing that 64 years later, this shrine has new meaning,” Sr. Joeann says. “When you create something, you have no idea what’s going to happen with it. Once it is born, it’s in another realm.”