Liz Robb Reppe MLIS ’02 is conducting outreach to encourage lawyers to turn to the State Law Library for assistance with legal research. Photo courtesy of The Saint Paul Legal Ledger

June 12, 2020

Minnesota State Law Librarian Liz Robb Reppe MLIS ’02 has a message for attorneys: If you’ve been researching a legal question for 20 minutes, the law library probably can get you on the right path faster. The full-service law library in St. Paul, with more than 400,000 traditional and electronic resources, can e-mail books or scan pages and e-mail them.

“We have so many resources that attorneys are never going to have,” Liz said. “Even if you’re in the biggest law firm we probably have things that your law firm doesn’t.”

Liz, appointed state law librarian in 2012, previously worked in law libraries in Dakota and Washington counties. She worked for a solo attorney after graduating from law school but didn’t like the practice. Becoming a law librarian sounded like the perfect fit when a friend from law school told her that was what he was going to do.

“I really enjoyed legal research and writing when I was in law school,” Liz said. “I never thought about being a litigator or being part of a big firm. I was just really interested in learning the law.”

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