Dominican University participates in three exchange programs:

A limited number of students are offered these benefits each year based on a parent's employment at participating institutions.

Application Process
  • New students should apply in the fall preceding the semester they plan to enroll.
  • Applications will be reviewed beginning in January.
  • Applications will be selected based on their academic credentials and space available in the program. In recent years, all students who meet the requirements for an academic scholarship at Dominican University have been offered tuition exchange benefits.
  • Applicants and their home institutions will be notified on a rolling basis.
  • Renewal applicants should submit a renewal application to their home institution by March 1 for the following academic year.
  • The tuition exchange program covers tuition only. All fees, books, room, and board are the responsibility of students and their families and students are not eligible for additional institutional funds to cover those costs including the Residence Life Grant.
  • There is a tuition remission fee of $30 per course, up to a maximum of $120 a semester.
  • Any Dominican University scholarships as well as state and federal grants reduce the amount of the tuition exchange benefit that is covering the tuition cost per year.
  • For the first year, students are asked to submit the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). If the student does not qualify for the Pell Grant or state grants, the requirement is waived in subsequent years, unless the student also wants to apply for student loans.
  • Students who receive tuition exchange benefits are eligible to apply to become a Resident Advisor and are eligible for any associated room and board cost waivers.    
  • Tuition exchange benefits are for full time students during the regular academic year for a maximum of eight semesters.
  • Tuition exchange benefits may not be used for study abroad programs.
  • Students must be certified annually by a parent's home institution to continue to receive the benefit.
  • Students must maintain satisfactory academic progress to continue to receive the benefit
  • If an employee terminates after the start of a semester in which a dependent child is receiving tuition exchange, the tuition exchange benefit will be effective for the remainder of the semester, quarter, or trimester. Employees are ineligible for tuition remission for any subsequent terms upon termination.
Dominican University Employees

Because of restrictions on the numbers of participants, eligibility for Tuition Exchange, Inc. is determined by seniority. Export scholarships for Tuition Exchange, Inc. from Dominican University will be awarded based on the availability of Tuition Exchange credits, incumbency in the program and length of service. Annual re-certification will be based on these factors as well as maintaining active, full-time employment as a faculty, administrator or staff member. Before students apply for admission to a participating institution, employees are encouraged to speak with the admission counselor and/or the TE liaison officer at the importing institution regarding the TE award process, criteria and application deadlines.
Applications for these programs are available from Glenn Hamilton, Assistant Vice President for Enrollment. Applications should be submitted by January 1 of the year before the fall semester for which the student intends to enroll.