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Upcoming Event

Study Abroad: Buenos Aires, Argentina

For summer 2023, we are organizing a study-abroad program to Buenos Aires, Argentina where students will be participating in a program coordinated with Universidad Católica Argentina (UCA). The program will take place in Argentina between May 13 through May 21.

Within the class, topics such as addressing social issues internationally, sustainability and social inclusion, women in leadership roles, entrepreneurship in the digital age, and adapting to COVID-19 will be covered. 

In addition to learning about global leadership and economics, students will be able to explore the cultural wonders that Argentina has to offer: La Boca, soccer, pop art, the immigration museum, and more. 

The course itself, “The Economics of Inflation (final name TBD),” will be available this upcoming registration period as a three-credit course. 

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Past Events

Jeffrey Sachs

Jeffrey Sachs, professor of Columbia University, virtually spoke at an event cosponsored by the Brennan School of Business and the Center For Global Peace through Commerce. Sachs discussed his latest book called “The Ages of Globalization,” as well as a range of timely topics including the COVID-19 pandemic, his position as an advisor to Pope Francis, and climate change. The event, which occurred on March 3, 2021, is available to watch here

“The new encyclical ‘Fratelli tutti’ is really about globalization at the core,” Sachs said. “It’s about the spiritual importance of encounter with others, but what Pope Francis is really saying is we have to get beyond our neighborhood; we have to get beyond our comfort zone.”