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The French and Francophone Studies minor engages students as they strengthen their skills in writing and speaking French. Enhancing their French fluency gives students an edge in fields like business, law, education, government and international outreach and diplomacy. Students pursuing this minor also have opportunities to learn about the politics, economics, history, literature and culture of the French-speaking world in all its diversity.  

The curriculum enables students to combine their French and Francophone Studies minor with a major in another discipline; these combinations stand to make them well-suited candidates for jobs and top graduate programs. A French and Francophone Studies minor is a natural fit for majors such as international business, international relations and diplomacy, fashion design and fashion merchandising.

Earning a French and Francophone Studies minor requires eighteen (18) credits beyond FREN 102. A minimum of one-half the courses in the minor field must be completed at Dominican. Students who study abroad must have prior written approval from the discipline director for their course to count toward the French and Francophone minor.