The Bachelor of Medical Science (BMS) is a second bachelor's degree, which means that to be eligible, a student must first hold a bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited college or university. The degree will include 124 credit hours: 90 are block-transferred from the student's first bachelor's degree. A minimum of 34 credit hours are then to be earned from Dominican University. All courses must be taken on campus. Courses from outside universities are not transferable toward the BMS degree. Although each student's curriculum has flexibility so that it may be perfectly tailored with their advisor to best fit their needs, most students fall into one of two categories:

  • Career Changers
  • Career Enhancers

Both tracks are required to take the following courses in order to earn the BMS degree:

Course Credits
Topics In Medicine 2
Clinical Behavioral Medicine 3
Clinical Preceptorship 2
Elective Ethics Course 3

Below is an example of a possible student's curriculum in addition to those courses listed above. Actual coursework may vary depending upon recommendations of advisors.

Career Changers
Course Credits
General Biology I and II 8
General Chemistry I and II 8
Physics I and II 8
Organic Chemistry I and II 10
Medical Terminology 3
Career Enhancers
Course Credits
Microbiology 4
Biochemistry 4
Histology 3
Medical Terminology 3
Internal Medicine 3
Adv. Human Pathophysiology 3
Adv Human Anatomy I and II 7

Students may also take Independent Research or Independent Study for credit.