This talented group of ministers and theologians helped give shape to this year’s gathering:

Lourdes Alonso
Campus Minister
Catholic Community at Stanford University

Gabriela Corral
Class of 2024
Dominican University

Dr. John DeCostanza
Director, University Ministry
Dominican University

Rev. Dr. Eddie De León, CMF
Assistant Professor of Pastoral Ministry and Preaching
Catholic Theological Union

Sergio López
Community Engagement Manager
Catholic Relief Services

Liza Manjarrez
Associate Director, Campus Ministry
St. Edward’s University

Dr. Claire Noonan
Vice President, Mission and Planning
Dominican University

Maria Orozco
Class of 2023
Dominican University

Natalia Prato
Class of 2023
Dominican University

Alejandro Rea
Class of 2023
Dominican University

Dr. Jeanette Rodriguez
Professor, Theology and Religious Studies
Seattle University

Jaqueline Romo
DU Class of 2018
Romero Scholar, Master's Candidate, Catholic Theological Union

Dr. Horacio Vela
Assistant Professor of Religious Studies
University of Incarnate Word